Why we do it

Challenging the norm


Businesses is cool. 

We're all for the new initiatives, the strong women, the crazy entrepreneurs, the courageous socially minded, the IT guys, the artsy ones, the dog walkers.

We support you all.

We buy your products, we use your services.

And then we wonder what does your business do besides making money.

Because we believe in balance.

The balance between making your living.

And taking care of the planet and other people's living.

We support you with that.

We ask the good questions, we tell the stories, we listen to yours.

Oh, and about that. 

We're only doing it for the change of narrative. 

To make your story last longer.

And become a favorite. 


Challenging the norm 

The question we keep asking is: what is the role of business in our society? Is profit a means or an end in itself? Is the purpose of business just to create value for its shareholders and customers or for the entire ecosystem? What about the responsibility towards our planet? What about the awareness of our impact on the communities of people? It's already happening, businesses all over the world challenge the "business as usual" paradigm. We're there with them, supporting them on their journey. And we do our part. Authentically and joyfully. With balance and honesty. With excitement and integrity. Because business is personal.