I am an intuitive community builder, by choice an entrepreneur and in principle a values-based business advocate.
An all rounder with experience in both the corporate and the startup world, passionately connecting and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs with fair and sustainable business practices.

I'm good at connecting people and people connecting to their values. 

I strongly believe in businesses which can be sustainable, social and profitable. 

My main focus is sustainable business models, organisational culture, well-being at work. 

My superpower is singing in a blues band.

Formally, I come from the nature-free part of Romania.
From youth work, intercultural management, education, public strategies and event management, my goal is to spice work up, achieve productiveness through being playful and take out the best in people. I 'm good at training and personalized interactive methods.
I strongly believe in energizers and allowing the brain from your gut to be a guide through challenging times.

My main focus is training, reinventing organizations, making things pretty.

My superpower is creating tear-shedding improv theatre classes. 

We believe in the power of collaboration, so our work is backed up by a network of business experts and facilitators who help us to impact the way we do business today. 

Highlights from our most recent events: