Conscious Teams

Happy employees, happy company.

Every company is is having the challenge to put up with their employees in such a way that they see them as a resource, one that cannot be ignored or treated poorly. This is why we have.

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Conscious Business

In order to create true value, you need to add values.

Just starting out? Great! We’ll get you started on the journey of connecting to your core and uncompromisable values, to your higher purpose and to the ways you live them out in your day to day work and life.

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Conscious Events

When organizing an event, you need a sidekick to make sure it is going to be successful.

Yes, you have your product ready! Or you have finally established the service you were developing! Time to spread the word. And what a better way to do that than having an event to spread the word and bring together people from the field to network, provide inputs and get collaboration going? Our mission is to inject some playfulness, flair, and a je ne sais quoi into your events, turning them from “OK” or “good enough” into an unforgettable experience, from which people leave smiling, counting down people that have inspired them. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the beginning stages of planning your first event ever or just need an experienced hand to take over […]

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Conscious Workspaces

There is a huge difference a ”quiet couch” makes in an office.

Being conscious of your business also means to be aware of the most precious resources that you have: your employees. They are the ones taking further your mission and goals, offering you their energy and knowledge so you can go further. Taking care of them means to create a healthy work culture and create for them a space where their work can flourish and they feel happy to push the office door.  Many times, just small details make a huge difference and there is a long list of effortless changes that you can make to impact the atmosphere in your office. Sometimes, having a dedicated friendly brainstorming area, with all the materials needed and […]

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