Conscious Workspaces

There is a huge difference a ”quiet couch” makes in an office.

Being conscious of your business also means to be aware of the most precious resources that you have: your employees. They are the ones taking further your mission and goals, offering you their energy and knowledge so you can go further. Taking care of them means to create a healthy work culture and create for them a space where their work can flourish and they feel happy to push the office door.  Many times, just small details make a huge difference and there is a long list of effortless changes that you can make to impact the atmosphere in your office. Sometimes, having a dedicated friendly brainstorming area, with all the materials needed and an encouraging wall photo will have a rise in the overall productivity and a better final result. That is why we do it, right?

Conscious workspaces includes

time and research from our side to propose a set of elements that can be added or modified in your office, according to a given budget to meet your own personal needs. Be it to make the office journey more efficient, to make the meeting room friendlier or just add interactive elements in the main room, they will all bring a smile from day one.

Easy to do 

  • having an internal assessment of comfort and throughout the employees
  • ask which decorative objects from the office spark joy
  • analyze which are the most-used areas in the office
  • reorganize objects for an increase in productivity
  • have a list of tiny little changes to be implemented imediately

Even easier 

  • applying  write-on wall paint
  • decorating parts of the office
  • having dedicated areas for a specific work-related action 
  • design rest & brainstorming spaces
  • create an overall employee journey and routine and add motivation signals 
  • make safe corners for every work-related activity