Conscious Events

When organizing an event, you need a sidekick to make sure it is going to be successful.

Yes, you have your product ready! Or you have finally established the service you were developing! Time to spread the word. And what a better way to do that than having an event to spread the word and bring together people from the field to network, provide inputs and get collaboration going? Our mission is to inject some playfulness, flair, and a je ne sais quoi into your events, turning them from “OK” or “good enough” into an unforgettable experience, from which people leave smiling, counting down people that have inspired them. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the beginning stages of planning your first event ever or just need an experienced hand to take over the marketing for the last few months leading up to the event, we are here to help! What we love and stand for is the multistakeholder approach to events, because being conscious also means to care for our environment and shape our interactions in a way that involves various stakeholders to our product or industry.

Conscious Events includes

time to get into our target group's shoes and adapt the day or just the evening to what you want to deliver to your attendees and how to match your content with their curiosity and really get them involved and happy to be there. 

What we will do:

  • Make that extra effort to create true value. 
  • Mapping out the event agenda 
  • Analyzing the microstructures of the venue distribution
  • Establish the marketing strategy to spread the word about the event
  • Fill the seats with eager attendees
  • Create a positively memorable experience for everyone involved.  

The areas we cover

  • Networking events
  • Input events & workshops 
  • Meetups and social interactions
  • Conferences, corporate meetings
  • Topic related events