Corporate Retreats 






8 hours, 24 hours or 48 hours get away from the office with a set agenda tailored to your needs met by us and our network of experts.



Prepared balanced agenda using interactive methods and ready to implement tools. We provide the analyzed output and suggestions on the topic.

Team building

 Crisis management, communication, decision making or just relaxed bonding event, we can prepare a playful productive day for your team. 


Event management 

Multi-stakeholder approach to event organizing, from a social event to a business panel, we take over from marketing to welcoming the guests. 

Ongoing services 

Do you want to outsource branding, taking over a project, implementing conscious practices in your company? 


Strategizing consultancy







We offer our years of expertise to help you built a strategy and give input on how to implement it in your day to day business. From tailoring your workspace to your values, community building, team management & more, we can just get started.


NOTE * The prices above serve as an orientation. All offers will be personalized per project, due to services included and the amount of time invested.